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We began with a single restaurant that year and slowly expanded to what we are today. We believe in the age-old tradition where immense care was taken to collect the freshest ingredients to create dishes that reflected the labour of love invested in the food. Having four restaurants in Delhi NCR, two in Mumbai and two in Milan with delectable food and wine. Our restaurants ensure that you leave with a satisfied appetite and a smile on your face!

DIVA Catering takes pride in our exquisite presentation and highly specialised level of customization of International cuisines. We provide all our customers tailor made experiences specifically for their events. We bring the touch of finesse and drama to your event with our trademarks - like our custom designed wood-fired oven belting out Napolitan pizzas in your garden to fresh truffles flown in directly from Italy being shaved on your guest’s risotto or the International chefs we invite to India especially to cater for your event.

The pandemic made us reflect and gave us an opportunity to do something we have wanted to for a while now. We started DIVA Casa that brought DIY kits to your homes from our kitchens. Diva Casa Pantry ensures that we can bottle up all our favourite recipes for you to enjoy at home. From our breads to our pastas, sauces, tortas and so much more.

Ritu Dalmia


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General Manager: Restaurant Operations

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